Spooky Movies

As the temperatures drop and there is less time spent outside. Its interesting to see who enjoys scary movies and who doesn’t. I have never been for one into the over the top gore kinda of movies. Which is interesting to say because I never minded certain movies that have very graphic scenes. Some ofContinue reading “Spooky Movies”


Decorating for any Holiday can be overwhelming. Your busy with everyday life so adding to the list can be difficult. Decor for any holiday is always popping up earlier and earlier so it brings a really good question to mind. How and when do you really decorate for certain holidays? Here is my take onContinue reading “Decorating”

The Great Pumpkin

The change of season always bring out change of so many things for everyone. Stores bring change of displays, colors that we decorate with, and the basic workings of a family. As kids return back to school in a classroom or have their class taught virtual everyone can agree on one thing. September brings onContinue reading “The Great Pumpkin”