Spooky Movies

As the temperatures drop and there is less time spent outside. Its interesting to see who enjoys scary movies and who doesn’t. I have never been for one into the over the top gore kinda of movies. Which is interesting to say because I never minded certain movies that have very graphic scenes. Some ofContinue reading “Spooky Movies”

Remote Life

With 2020 having so many changes that have impacted everyday life one of the things is remote working. I have had a lot of conversations with family, friends and coworkers about this. I can honestly say the direction of many companies has changed over the years even before the pandemic hit. The traditional dress codeContinue reading “Remote Life”

The Environment

To say that 2020 has been one heck of a year I think is an understatement. With the pandemic, economy and environmental changes, to name just a few things, its going to be interesting to study in the future. Many times we look back and think how did people live during such difficult conditions onlyContinue reading “The Environment”


Growing up I’ve always owned a gaming console. I don’t always have the latest and greatest but gaming is a interest of mine that I find interesting. The reason why I find it interesting is when I tell people I game sometimes they don’t believe me at all. I’ve heard many different reasons why peopleContinue reading “Gaming”


Fitness seems to be all over these days. Everyone has ideas of trends on how to look fabulous in one month or less. Given that I love to run five days a week I can say most of the time I ignore trends in the fitness world. Its not that I have anything against themContinue reading “Running”


Decorating for any Holiday can be overwhelming. Your busy with everyday life so adding to the list can be difficult. Decor for any holiday is always popping up earlier and earlier so it brings a really good question to mind. How and when do you really decorate for certain holidays? Here is my take onContinue reading “Decorating”

Content Blogging

Writing can be a blessing and a curse. Its the feeling that is my content good or is it bad? Now with SEO Analytics we can see how many read a post or in my case those who don’t. So the idea of failure is pictured right from the start. With blogging being mainstreamed nowContinue reading “Content Blogging”


People say some things are meant to happen. Fate guides you down a path and everything happens for a reason. At times we think of this and go that is not possible. Other times the universe seems to prove us wrong. Arwen is my Siberian Husky, and how we found each other was fate IContinue reading “Arwen”

That Friday Feeling

The end of the week always feels like such a huge accomplishment. It’s that feeling that you conquered the week. At times it can be just another day for some people depending on their work schedule, but majority of the weekly workers are always excited about Friday. Even the office when you go in hasContinue reading “That Friday Feeling”

The Great Pumpkin

The change of season always bring out change of so many things for everyone. Stores bring change of displays, colors that we decorate with, and the basic workings of a family. As kids return back to school in a classroom or have their class taught virtual everyone can agree on one thing. September brings onContinue reading “The Great Pumpkin”


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