Spooky Movies

As the temperatures drop and there is less time spent outside. Its interesting to see who enjoys scary movies and who doesn’t. I have never been for one into the over the top gore kinda of movies. Which is interesting to say because I never minded certain movies that have very graphic scenes. Some of the best movies that have scared me are the ones that psychologically are stimulating. I like to ask other people what movies they like to watch when Fall starts. Are they family related and fun to watch like Hocus Pocus or do you watch The Haunting with all the lights off? Its interesting also to look on social media and see their is a whole group of Horror fans. I randomly came across a post one day and wondered about it. Which is funny since working in a book store for years in the past there are so many different genres you sort books and movies into. Its great to see people with similarities coming together to share their knowledge of films and books with one another. The technology now with individuals still staying at home but connected is great to see. Not to mention I have been able to get great recommendations from social media on what to watch next. With so many streaming services now it makes it hard to run out of items to watch. I have always loved a good mystery and Agatha Christie remains one of my all time favorites. The who done it films and books are fun to watch as the events unfold around the characters. I think the biggest thing for me so when I believe I know who the murder is only to find out I was wrong. Its great to see the plot unfold but when you see a characters development as either the story continues its even better. So my post today is what spooky/scary movies do you love to watch? Do you not like scary movies at all and avoid them or do you stick to Disney movies? I’m not dishing on Disney to be clear because Hocus Pocus is my all time favorite movies for Halloween as I light candles!

Published by pumpkinrum7

Hi I'm Kate and I'm currently working in sales. I am new to the writing and blogging world so any advice is welcomed. I love to spend time outdoors with my Husky, bake cupcakes, have a love for holidays and food.

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