The Environment

To say that 2020 has been one heck of a year I think is an understatement. With the pandemic, economy and environmental changes, to name just a few things, its going to be interesting to study in the future. Many times we look back and think how did people live during such difficult conditions only we are now faced with the same troubles. Yet many individuals choose not to believe doctors and environmentalist that we are faced with the hard reality that we are our largest enemy of all. One harsh reality that we face is climate change. So many people don’t believe its really an issue only I don’t understand how they don’t see the changes that are going on around the world. Australia burned at the start of the year with devastating conditions. In the United States the West Coast is faced with the same or worse conditions. Individuals losing their homes that are flattened to nothing but ash. In the Midwest violent storms produce tornadoes and the East Coast and South being battered by flooding with hurricanes that wipe out entire cities. These are just a few of the changes I can account for. To think how many other individuals see changes that go on around them we don’t even know about is unbelievable. My point in this post is how do we discredit what is going on around us when so many people around the planet are affected? Why do we want to leave a planet to our future families in total decay? We are all depending on the planet to live and breath after all. Is the idea of a apocalyptic world really that intriguing to people or something we don’t think will happen? We have movies that go over pandemic’s that people find memorizing only we don’t even believe medical professionals to wear a mask when they ask us to. Instead people take the advice of someone who doesn’t even understand how diseases ravage the body let alone how to cure them. I for one believe in climate change. I believe in wearing a mask. While we don’t understand and are currently researching the pandemic I for one want to know I did everything in my power to help those around me. Not to mention future generations who our planet is left too. To read history about simply ways diseases could have been stopped is what will happen to us in the future. Students will wonder why didn’t we listen to the doctors to save another human life? It might be small changes that we can make over time that impact the future of this planet. My last point is when is enough for natural disasters for us to change? Do we need it to happen to everyone at once to make the point that we are one species that like any other living on the planet has the possibility to be endangered? We have one home to depend on that has incredible beauty that we are ravishing year after year. We have the ability to save it only we are burning it away piece by piece. So do you believe in climate change and saving the planet for the future? Do you want to save it and what changes are we all making big or small to make that happen? Why don’t you believe wearing a mask will save the immune comprised shopping for groceries walking next to you? I’m curious to see the responses to this post and see the logical response that come form it.

Published by pumpkinrum7

Hi I'm Kate and I'm currently working in sales. I am new to the writing and blogging world so any advice is welcomed. I love to spend time outdoors with my Husky, bake cupcakes, have a love for holidays and food.

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