Growing up I’ve always owned a gaming console. I don’t always have the latest and greatest but gaming is a interest of mine that I find interesting. The reason why I find it interesting is when I tell people I game sometimes they don’t believe me at all. I’ve heard many different reasons why people think I don’t but I have been curious to find a lot of people don’t like to game. I’m no professional gamer to be clear and my nephews kick my butt majority of the time but I do hold my own really well. The games I normally play are Halo, COD, Rocket League, and currently replaying Crash Bandicoot. Gaming I think is relaxing and the story the game has can be awesome. Many gamers have their favorite consoles, games and how they love to play. Its a huge community and can bring total strangers together online. While most people think gaming is violent there are many games out there that have no violence at all. There are many sports games you can plan that have no violence involved. There are many games that are educational too. It helps with different learning aspects. Its also a family thing for me. I have family all over the US and we schedule a night to play just with family a Halo slayer game. Its fun and we get to talk to one another on the headsets as we play. We used to do this during holidays all the time. We would play at whosever house we were at and depending on people some family members would bring extra console to hook up or controllers. It was a fun past time and keeps everyone connected. I have spoken to a few other friends who do this not with family but friends that don’t live close by anymore. Its a great way to connect and sometimes playing old games can start great talks about old memories. So are you apart of the gaming community? Do you not like to game? I’m curious to hear each side and find out more from other then my friends. Please let me know and comment below.

Published by pumpkinrum7

Hi I'm Kate and I'm currently working in sales. I am new to the writing and blogging world so any advice is welcomed. I love to spend time outdoors with my Husky, bake cupcakes, have a love for holidays and food.

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