Fitness seems to be all over these days. Everyone has ideas of trends on how to look fabulous in one month or less. Given that I love to run five days a week I can say most of the time I ignore trends in the fitness world. Its not that I have anything against them but I just find the yo yo dieting to be a horrible overall idea. I’ve seen friends who go on detox diets and only eat a little here or there only to not see lasting results. As a runner who loves longer distances I can say I don’t believe anyone can get into shape in just one month and be healthy. Sure you can loose weight in one month going sugarless and no carbs but at what costs to your health? I am not a doctor and I didn’t study medicine so my advice just comes from experience. I know that losing weight at a fast rate can be hard on your heart and wanting to make a lifestyle change that is right takes time. Being that I am a runner I did stop running for a little awhile. In this time I saw weight gain and changes to my body that were good and bad. I was use to a high carb diet and found I needed to change the way I ate. As I also have gotten older, the diet I had ten years ago won’t work for me now. I also have been told by others they hate running and its not something they would ever be interested in doing. I think each person needs to find their area of fitness that makes them happy. I love to run and my husky loves to run with me. Walking for example has great health benefits but then so does hiking, biking and swimming. Exercise also helps release stress to make you feel calmer. There are benefits of fitness that can have writers typing all day but the bottom line is that fitness really does take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and fitness is a journey. I started running here and there last year again. It wasn’t consistent and my weight training plus diet was all over. In January I was unhappy with the way the results from my working out for three months got me. I had to change what I was doing and diet was a huge part of that with adding longer runs to challenge myself. From January to September I focused on dieting and running and lost 12 pounds along with gaining muscle mass even with the weight loss. Muscle weighs more then fat so my body looks even leaner. I didn’t have to change a lot but the little changes with consistency is what really made a difference. The weight is staying off and I feel better then ever. My runs are getting faster paced and keep going longer. While after each run it can sometimes feel great and someone feel like your not going to be able to move its progress. So my advice for anyone looking to make fitness moves specially after not working out for some time is to take it slow. That one mile at first might be tough but in two or three weeks it won’t be. In two months you’ll look in the mirror and notice the changes. Long distance running doesn’t happen overnight but neither does a healthy lifestyle. Cheat meals do help and rewarding little progress makes huge steps. The pancakes are worth it for the cheat meal! Overall though find what makes you happy when working out and work with your doctor. You’ll get there but don’t hurry the process and results will come.

Published by pumpkinrum7

Hi I'm Kate and I'm currently working in sales. I am new to the writing and blogging world so any advice is welcomed. I love to spend time outdoors with my Husky, bake cupcakes, have a love for holidays and food.

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