Decorating for any Holiday can be overwhelming. Your busy with everyday life so adding to the list can be difficult. Decor for any holiday is always popping up earlier and earlier so it brings a really good question to mind. How and when do you really decorate for certain holidays? Here is my take on holidays and decorating for the fall till winter. First off I don’t have anyone professional come into my house to do the decorating. While this might help those who have very little time to have their house festive for the different holidays I have the opinion that this leaves the fun out of decorating. Specially for the entire family. One of my best memories growing up is gathering decorations from the basement and discovering where they can go in the house. Carving pumpkins for example is another amazing memory I have. I also learned how to cook pumpkin seeds which being a kid was great fun to do. It’s small memories that last with families that seem like mundane activities but add up over time. Some people think decorating should be done in one day and I disagree. It depends on how much of the house your working with and the goal your trying to accomplish. It can be easier to take one room at a time and not to feel totally exhausted at the end. Just depends on the person and how many are helping you. Halloween I feel can be decorated slowly at the start of September. Its fun to see the spooky decor go up around the house. I don’t carve pumpkins that early or they will rot so I wait on those till closer around Halloween. I also leave the ordinary Fall items up for Thanksgiving. It still looks festive but I do remove Halloween stuff. Decorating for Christmas I wait till the day after Thanksgiving. This is essential for me and I have a reason why. I lived abroad for a few years and in that time the country didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving so I missed out. Plus its a holiday dedicated to food what is not to love about it! After Thanksgiving is when the family tree and Christmas decor starts to slowly makes it way around the house. We have gotten this done in the past in one weekend but we don’t like to rush it. Plus we wait till all of the family is together to put the tree up. This is a great way to set time aside for holiday fun. I bake cookies, have music going and with the house full of the majority of decorations puts everyone in a fun mood. This is my take on decorating in the fall till winter. Little steps go a long way but really its the importance of family time that I think is what people can get out of it most. Creating last memories from the smallest of tasks are great for years to come. Whats your take on decorating for fall and winter holidays?

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Hi I'm Kate and I'm currently working in sales. I am new to the writing and blogging world so any advice is welcomed. I love to spend time outdoors with my Husky, bake cupcakes, have a love for holidays and food.

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