People say some things are meant to happen. Fate guides you down a path and everything happens for a reason. At times we think of this and go that is not possible. Other times the universe seems to prove us wrong. Arwen is my Siberian Husky, and how we found each other was fate I think. I wanted a husky for some time and was actually turned down for my adoption application. Growing up I had a Wheaton Terrier and the adoption agency wanted someone who had already had a husky. Huskies are actually one of the leading dogs to be given to shelters. My sister also wanted a husky and was given the recommendation by a friend to look online. Happens she saw a picture of a husky and knew that was her dog. It was a three and half hour drive to go and meet the breeder. Of course she asked if I would tag along and I said why not. Little did I know that my choice in coming would lead to meeting Arwen. The breeder was a great family who actually didn’t even mean to have a litter. While I was there and my sister was meeting her husky Arwen came and sat in my lap. She wasn’t scared or shy at all. I didn’t plan on getting a dog at the time but I just couldn’t imagine leaving her. I decided in the next five minutes she was my dog and in that choice its lead to many great things. First I will say that I understand why the adoption agency turned me down. Huskies have amazing personalities but are one of the highest maintenance dogs to own. So beyond the adorable ice blue eyes and fluffy howls is a living breathing animal who requires care. They are also dogs that don’t do well locked in a cage or small apartment. They want a pack to be apart of and daily walks.

Arwen came home a few months later with a tiny scab on her nose and sassy personality. I found she picked a fight with her mother and had gotten bitten to teach her a lesson. While this adorable fluff ball was cute and cuddly she was also running laps like Tasmanian devil destroying everything in her path. Even when I thought there was nothing to chew she would attack walls and somehow pulled cloths off their hangers in my closet shredding them. I was at a loss and wasn’t sure what to do with her till one very frustrated teary night Arwen was doing her normal laps in the bedroom and I picked her up. I looked at her and said this is something we will do together. I called it our paw promise to never leave her or give up. I have kept that promise to this day almost four years later. I cuddled her till she fell asleep and we have been best friends since. It can be rocky at times but she has shown me snowstorms are exciting, bugs are excellent for chasing around the yard, and when the season changes to cold is actually when the outdoors is at its very best. I loved snow before but now I share the passion with her and her adorable snow nose that burns bright pink when its accumulating. Arwen also suffers from seizures. She takes daily meds to help fight them but at times she has breakthrough ones. This is the hardest to take when she is scared and I’m left helpless but to hold her through it. While the toughest thing was getting over puppy stages huskies are incredible dogs and she is my best friend.

Published by pumpkinrum7

Hi I'm Kate and I'm currently working in sales. I am new to the writing and blogging world so any advice is welcomed. I love to spend time outdoors with my Husky, bake cupcakes, have a love for holidays and food.

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